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Yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning union or joining together of our soul mind and body. Yoga is flow, it is the harmony and of the uniting of rhythms within and without. It is sacred time.

At Maison ila we focus on harnessing our flow of consciousness and energy in harmony with nature. In the morning between 4 and 8 am when the sattvic energy of intention and purity is strong here we focus on Jnana Yoga or meditation through breath, setting intention, sacred sound - Om chanting and Sitar.


Our morning Hatha Yoga is focused on energising our 5 elements and balancing our chakras. As we move into the afternoon another sattvic time occurs between 4 and 8 pm. Now we focus on restoring our energy through long holding asanas, deep relaxation (known as Yoga Nidra) and sound healing or Nada Yoga. 


We end each day with the blessings of Agni Hotra - a fire of blessings for the good of all beings.

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