Wild Swimming

During the hot summer months, a dip in cool waters is incredibly refreshing and healthy. There are two lovely lakes within a fifteen-minute drive of the house, plus several others further afield. We also have the River Hers which flows at the bottom the village - the water, which has flowed straight from the mountains, is crystal clear and freezing – wonderfully invigorating and good circulation.


Wild Training

Our joyous trainer, Alli Suddaby, offers a really different sort of Personal Training which is all about mental, restorative, mindful fitness. Moving naturally is such a joyful way to get fit and strong for everyday life.  We call it ‘Wild Training’ because it is about rediscovering natural movement, things that perhaps you haven’t done since you were a child. Natural movements include those that our ancestors required daily for survival, such as crawling, jumping, running, balancing, climbing, throwing, lifting, carrying and vaulting. Alli really is very different and imaginative. This type of training is nothing like being in a gym, it is so much more playful and fun and is about exploring and connecting with our environment and those around us. A session with Alli will leave you feeling so good - in your head, as well as your body.


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