We are so happy to be able to offer something more than a gym. At Maison ila we believe in natural movement, or ‘green exercise’, because any kind of activity outdoors is known to help foster a more peaceful, positive mindset, reduce feelings of anxiety and fatigue, and allow you to drop into deeper connection - with both yourself and our world.

“I specialise in helping people move to feel good and get strong. Training sessions vary depending on clients’ needs and interests - from gentle, restorative mat-based sessions to high intensity strength and power training.”




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Maison ila Dynamic Yoga


Our joyous trainer, Alli Suddaby, offers a really different sort of Personal Training which is all about mental, restorative, mindful fitness. Moving naturally is such a joyful way to get fit and strong for everyday life. 


We call it ‘Wild Training’ because it is about rediscovering natural movement, things that perhaps you haven’t done since you were a child. Natural movements include those that our ancestors required daily for survival, such as crawling, jumping, running, balancing, climbing, throwing, lifting, carrying and vaulting. Alli really is very different and imaginative. This type of training is nothing like being in a gym, it is so much more playful and fun and is about exploring and connecting with our environment and those around us. A session with Alli will leave you feeling so good - in your head, as well as your body.

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