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“The French and their food. They put each meal on a pedestal.”


Feasting and fasting at Maison ila is central to the experience. Our approach is about higher energy levels and higher happiness levels and our main focus is geared towards relaxing the central nervous system through fasting. This may mean intermittent 16/8 fasting (we can explain on arrival!), with digestive rest days as needed, or a 5 to 7 day concentrated purification, or a bespoke menu created to suit your nutritional needs with vegetarian and gluten free deliciousness. A consultation with our in-house naturopath will help to mould your menu. Whilst we don’t believe in deprivation or denial we are huge supporters of intermittent fasting as a path to deep rest and rejuvenation. This style of eating has also been proven by scientists to not only promote weight loss and reduce blood pressure and inflammation but to actively rejuvenate cells and help to support a strong immunity system. Our menus help to balance blood-sugar so you won’t feel hungry or scratchy but if you are struggling please do chat to us.

This is one of the most luscious regions of France, famed for its vineyards and delicious fresh local produce. Our chef is a wonderful, instinctive cook who lives gluten free and organic, using only locally sourced and seasonal ingredients. We believe that if we eat in harmony with the seasons we stay strong and healthy, so our menus are ever changing and inventive -  green and white asparagus and nettle soup in spring time, tomatoes, courgettes and rocket when they come into abundance, little heavenly summer strawberries and, come winter, mushrooms and gluten free beetroot burgers. 


If you love plants, herbs, foraging and wild harvesting then you will appreciate our nourishing, wholesome food, everything here has so much flavour and fragrance. Cheese from the markets, eggs from the village, herbs from the garden, no sugar, no gluten, a glass of wine if you feel like it. A lot of people say they feel the difference in their bodies after just a few days here.

A lot of people say they feel the difference in their bodies after just a few days here.


Herbal teas, tinctures and fresh tisanes to rest the adrenals and the nervous system, as well as calm digestion, are available from 7am and also kept in your room. We encourage you to sip water with your meals. Our homemade signature Elderflower cordial with lemon balm a bolstering tonic, in cooler months we like to serve homemade Indian Chai.





Fresh vegetable juices, gluten

free breads, quinoa porridge with goji berries, carob nibs and flaxseeds, live yoghurt, smashed avocado, scrambled tofu with truffle oil, courgette hummus, fresh fruits, local cheeses, eggs from the chateau up the road, divine honey from the mountains. 




Gluten free pizzas with local mushrooms and goats cheese, Moroccan platters of roasted vegetables, baked aubergines, Denise’s purifying Ayurvedic dahl, gluten free quiche with leeks and local goats’ cheese, baked stuffed tomatoes with rice, mushrooms, onions, petit pois and cheese. Carrot cake (gluten and sugar free). 




Salads and soups: leek and

potato garden soup garnished with fried sage leaves or roasted tomato and sweet potato soup, and vibrant, alive seasonal salads with roasted seeds. 

Chambre d'hote
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