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Maison ila hotel front le tresor

“Maison ila is place of nurturing and nourishment, where the mind and body rest naturally and where life force/shakti is strengthened and renewed. It is a place of visions, dreams, forgiveness, expansion. The air is energising, the earth undisturbed, the people kind. To be here is to rediscover open skies, the sun, the soft spirit of an ancient land. Nature is unreservedly herself and happy. When we tap into this energy we start to feel better. That’s healing”


Welcome to Maison Ila, a house of healing in the serenity, light and warmth of the Pyrenees Aude region of France, near the beautiful cities of Carcassonne and Toulouse. This small yet spacious haven of peace has been recently reinvented into a joyous bespoke wellbeing retreat for physical, emotional and spiritual recovery.


Our over-riding focus is on relaxing the nervous system and we achieve this by creating completely personalised retreats for each individual. Whatever your goals, we offer a unique and layered combination of therapies, cleansing food, herbal infusions, CBD therapy, evening rituals and digital switch-offs, yoga and daily meditation. Everything is designed by us to suit you.

With an innocent, old-fashioned charm, this is a laidback hideaway with a touch of magic. A horse whisperer lives in the village, the sky is Pyrenees pure, the air smells of jasmine and the fresh aroma of herbs. There’s buried treasure in the garden and warm sacred thermal springs merge in the well.


The vision of Denise Leicester, the aromatherapist behind global organic spa brand ila (link to ila website), Maison ila offers a space where you can immerse yourself deeply in nature, enjoy wild water bathing, practice restorative yoga and instinctive movement therapy, and receive esoteric, transformative treatments. Nordic walks, sound healing, yoga nidra: everything is designed and layered in order to bring purity, energy and balance into rest, find comfort and rediscover joy.

We are proud that, despite all obstacles, the world can now welcome the first of ilā’s very own year-round destination locations. This 3-suite jewel of hope is an embodiment of Denise’s incredible holistic knowledge and expertise as a qualified nurse, yoga teacher, sound healer, holistic bodyworker and spiritual philosopher.


Peace of mind is our intent, please see our Protection Policies or contact us for reassurances. In the meantime let us share a secret with you: Maison ila is a place where good things happen in a natural way. It is a balm for the soul, a panacea, an antidote to anxious times.


Rediscover yourself so you can rediscover our world.

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