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  • Soothing & Grounding - for exhaustion, chronic stress and fatigue.

  • Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Ageing - for nourishment, healing and tension

    120 Euros
  • Revitalising & Replenishing - for anxiety release and positive energy

    120 Euros
  • Cleansing & Sleep Enhancing - for deep relaxation & emotional balance

    80 Euros
  • Rebalancing & Recharging - for pain release and body repair

    80 Euros
  • Releasing & Restoring - for Soul Recovery & Inner Knowing

    160 Euros
  • Balancing & Nurturing - for emotional clarity and energetic balance

    170 Euros

“This gentle area of France holds a palpable, ancient, feminine energy where our inner world of being is more easily accessed. Nature is undisturbed, each of the elements is strongly experienced. The waters are energised and vibrant with many hot springs and sacred sources. The air is pure, clean and vital; the earth ancient and rich, the sun and atmospheric warmth life-giving and rejuvenating”

Denise Leicester, Maison ila

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