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“Going out to the garden is to go on holiday; when you travel amongst the flowers your body touches heaven and your mind the secrets of ataraxia”




Rose, lavender, divine smelling Honeysuckle, Jasmine in abundance: the gardens play a huge part in creating the subtle remedial atmosphere of Maison ila. It is as if the flowers, herbs and plants, along with the views, exude a higher, purer vibration and this frequency wraps itself around worn spirits and helps to awaken a calmer, softer way to be.

Fresh Apples

The land here holds an ancient, feminine energy. The region is home to the most concentrated area of organic farming in France and is one where community honours the importance of seasonal, natural produce. A local apple farm means no one else is allowed to grow their own and special old-fashioned varieties of tomatoes and vegetables are preciously preserved. Maison ila’s gardens are home to gorgeous Rose bushes planted over the years by women who have become pregnant here. The earth is rich, fertile, abundant.


Nurturing herbs planted in the garden are good for the soul as well as holding naturally medicinal properties: St John’s Wort, Calendula, Marjoram, Lemon thyme, Trumpet Lilies (shamanic dreaming flowers which we use in our healing therapies), Rose Geraniums, Camomile, Wild Bergamot (traditionally used by native Americans) and Krishna Tulsi grown from seeds bought back from India. From herbal tisanes using fresh Wild Bergamot or lavender, to a beautiful wild poppy and rose flower essence, to our healing Elderflower Syrups (wonderful for bolstering immunity) we use the bounties of Mother Earth in our kitchen and beauty cupboards for you to savour.

Herb Plants
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You can also simply sit still, listen to the birds, soak up the peace, eat al fresco in various quiet nooks or watch the night stars

(from our wood fired hot tub)   

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